AI powered by ChatGPT in your WhatsApp

Increase productivity and cut repetitive tasks with the most powerful AI in one click

  • Train the AI to match your business communication style
  • Generate responses in seconds that are customer conversation-aware
  • Translate and summarize messages sent by your customers
  • Rephrase and change the tone and style of messages
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Your personal assistant one click away

AI helps you better understand your customers' messages.

  • Translate in real time:AI allows for instant translation, eliminating language barriers with customers worldwide.
  • Personalized interactions:AI analyzes previous messages to provide tailored answers.
  • Rephrase received messages:AI Assistant puts your customers' text on other words to better understand them.
Screenshot preview
Screenshot preview

Faster, better replies with AI

Save time and provide perfect and elaborate answers with our AI reply tool.

  • Change the tone of your messages:AI-assisted language analysis helps you adapt your register for optimal customer communication.
  • Find the best answer to every message:AI Assistant analyses context to deliver the most suitable response, enhancing customer engagement via WhatsApp.
  • Grammar and syntax accuracy:AI ensures that chat responses are coherent, clear, and linguistically flawless.
Screenshot preview
Screenshot preview

Do not settle for mediocre interactions

Fine-tune your messaging and tone to meet customer needs to take your Whatsapp customer service to the next level.

  • Elevate your customer communication:Utilize our state-of-the-art GPT feature to refine your messaging and better serve your customers' needs.
  • Personalize messages:AI adapts your responses to resonate with each customer's specific preferences.
  • The more, the merrier:Generating three additional responses, it ensures flexibility and superior service, precisely catering to your customer's unique needs.
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Screenshot preview

Train it like a additional team member

Embrace the new era of customer interaction with AI, personalize it to reflect your business values and style, enhancing customer relations and satisfaction.

  • Customize your AI:Give precise instruction of how you want your messages in terms of lentgh, tone, clarity and much more.
  • Define its role:Describe every little detail of your AI's personality to make it emboy a particular role in your team.
  • Have it your way:Provide your agents with a brilliant assistant to harmonize your customer service style.

Customize the AI assistant to fit your business case

Adjust the AI behavior, writing style, length, friendliness and tone.
Improve context awareness by giving specific instructions to the AI assistant.
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The AI assistant is a powerful tool powered by advanced AI technology that helps automate your communication processes. It allows you to generate responses in seconds that are context-aware, increasing productivity of your communication operations and facilitating better communication with customers. It also helps better understand your customers queries by explaining their messages and translating it if they are written in another language.Visit our Help Center for more information
The AI assistant is included in the Platform Business and Enterprise plans with no extra charge. Learn more in the pricing table
No, the AI assistant is included at no extra cost in the Platform Business and Enterprise plans. Learn more in the pricing table
The AI assistant is an adapted version of ChatGPT that uses the same underlying technology but is specifically designed to assist users in their business communication and is limited to that purpose.
Yes, the AI assistant is designed to analyse the context of the conversation and provide relevant responses adapted to the specific context of the chat.
Yes, you can customize the AI behaviour by giving specific instructions. You can also customize the writing style, length, friendliness and tone.
Our AI assistant allows you to effortlessly automate large-scale communication. This means you can maintain consistent messaging across all your customers, improve response times, and free up resources to focus on more complex customer queries.
Not at all! We have designed the AI assistant to be user-friendly and easy to set up. If you encounter any issues or have any questions during the setup process, our customer support team is always available to help.
We take data privacy very seriously. All data is encrypted and stored securely on enterprise-grade cloud data centers that are compliant with the highest ISO/IEC 27001 standards and compliant with international privacy laws such as GDPR.
In the terms of the AI, information used by the AI is not stored outside of our platform, it is always encrypted and is only used in a limited temporal form in order to predict responses that are context-aware. Once the response is generated, the AI system does not store any information.
For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy.
Nope. We provide our own AI integration and it does not require any configuration on your end. Everything is ready right away!