You run the business

We run the technology

Comprehensive white-label platform for businesses and agencies.
Team up with Wassenger to offer a complete and powerful messaging solution on WhatsApp for your customers.

Exceed customer expectations with a cutting-edge messaging solution on WhatsApp

Provide your customers a versatile, complete and feature-rich WhatsApp messaging solution to boost your business and theirs!

Cloud-based solution

We handle all technical aspects for you, such as managing cloud systems, ensuring high availability, addressing software issues, upgrading software, and consistently developing new features with weekly updates.

Custom pricing

Set your own pricing structure with a sales commission, free from any limits. Align your pricing strategy with your business goals and objectives while offering the flexibility to display prices in multiple currencies.

Multiple payment options

Opt for either direct customer charging or utilize our brand-neutral payment system. Our payment system securely collects payments from your customers and ensures hassle-free payout of your sales commission on a monthly basis, via PayPal or bank transfer.

Manage your clients from the Admin panel

Select the option to directly charge your customers or rely on our brand-neutral payment system. With our payment system, we securely collect payments from your customers and facilitate monthly payout of your sales commission through PayPal or bank transfer.

Full-featured platform

Deliver all the exceptional features of Wassenger to your clients, including multi-agent live chat, API access and documentation, tutorials, Help Center, and more, all in a fully white-label manner. Enjoy immediate access to all new features, seamlessly integrated into your platform.

7 days free trial included

Provide a 7-day free trial to all your customers - no bank card required. Boost conversions and sales by allowing potential customers to explore your product or service without any obligation or commitment.

API, Documentation and Help Center

Get complete access to our fully white-labeled platform, including API access, documentation, tutorials, Help Center with 80+ articles, and an API live tester with 80+ use case examples. Unleash the full potential of your platform with these comprehensive features.

Multi-language interface

Our globally accessible product interface supports 9 languages, including English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Italian, German, Indonesian and Arabic. Provide a seamless native experience on our platform.

Integrated live chat support

Deliver exceptional customer support by offering the option of a free live chat widget or utilizing our internal issue ticketing system. Empower your team to efficiently address customer queries and ensure a seamless support experience that meets their needs.

Ignite your business growth using our exceptional WhatsApp platform

Only the best for your customers.
Deliver an outstanding customer experience with our affordable WhatsApp communication technology.

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Full-featured platform

Enjoy a smooth experience with our convenient cloud-managed solution, effortlessly accessing all features, updates, and enhancements.

Never miss out on Wassenger's latest offerings: your platform will automatically receive all the new, exciting features and tools introduced by Wassenger.

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Administration Panel

Manage your sales and customers with ease using our powerful reseller dashboard solution.

You can manage your customers, create new accounts, manage their subscriptions, and more.Stay in control of your business and drive growth effortlessly with our admin panel.

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Your product, your brand

Deliver a complete native experience to your customers, incorporating your own logo, brand, and domain.

Customize your console with your preferred colorway from a selection of 3 options and allow them to select their preferred language.

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Set your own pricing

You have total control over your pricing strategy โ€“ there are no limits.

Decide whether to independently handle customer payments in local currency or use our brand-neutral payment system for hassle-free transactions.

How to become a Reseller

Straightforward, fast, and transparent process.
Start your business and onboard customers within days.

  • 1. Submit your application

  • 2. We follow up with you and provide more information

  • 3. Sign the Reseller Agreement

  • 4. Pay the one-time set up fee

  • 5. Start onboarding customers

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Reseller Platform


One-time payment set up fee
  • Full platform solution
  • Custom domain and branding
  • Unlimited customers + subscriptions
  • 7 days trial for all your customers
  • Admin panel access + API
  • Define your own pricing & commissions
  • Custom currency
  • Multiple payment options
  • Available in 9 languages
  • Fully managed cloud solution
  • Automatic software updates
  • 3 days setup
  • 1 free Enterprise plan for demos
  • Priority web chat support
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The Wassenger Reseller program is a white label program that empowers individuals or businesses to resell the Wassenger messaging platform to their own clients or customers under their own brand. This means that Resellers can customize the platform with their own logo providing a personalized experience for their customers. With this program, Resellers can leverage the Wassenger messaging platform's capabilities and offer their customers a powerful communication tool, while building their own brand and business.
Anyone can join the Wassenger Reseller program, whether you are an individual or a business. However, you should have a strong understanding of the Wassenger platform and its features. Having a solid business in SaaS or communication is a big advantage.
As a Reseller, you will resell our services to your own clients or customers at a higher price. You will earn a profit on the difference between our price and the price you charge your clients.
You can sign up for the Wassenger Reseller program on the Wassenger website by filling out an application and providing information about your business and your goals for reselling the platform. Our Team will get in touch with you if we find your application fit for proceeding further.
Our Team will make sure that you are provided with all the necessary information to run your business successfully. As a Reseller, you will receive extensive support tools to help you assist your customers, including a comprehensive dashboard, helpdesk, tutorials, and documentation. Furthermore, we provide a priority channel through our webchat for Resellers to contact us for guidance and support, enabling you to receive assistance whenever you need it as you work to support your clients.
The amount of money you can make as a Wassenger Reseller depends on how many clients you can sign up and the prices you charge for the platform. The more clients you have, the more money you can make.
After the initial one-time set-up fee, there are no additional charges to utilize the platform, allowing you to start your business with ease and without any further financial obligations.
Absolutely, as a Reseller, you can rebrand the Wassenger platform under your own brand, Internet domain and sell it to your clients or customers as your own product in a complete whitelabel fashion.
Any business or organization that needs to communicate with customers or clients via messaging can benefit from using the Wassenger platform. This includes businesses in industries such as e-commerce, customer service, hospitality, healthcare, and more.
We have two payment options:

a. Using credits: Resellers periodically top-up credits to their account with a bank card and paid subscriptions from their end customers are deducted from the credits with our base price. In this case, the Reseller is responsible for charging your end customer the way they prefer with the commission they find fit in the currency that they want. With this payment method, your end customers will not be able to add a payment card directly to their accounts.

Furthermore, this method requires the Reseller to have good control of their customers, because they can take several actions that trigger a payment, such as a plan upgrade, additional device creation, adding paid agents to the Enterprise plan, etc.

You will receive a notification each time your customers take these kinds of actions on their account, nonetheless, the payment will be taken from your credits. On the other hand, your profits go directly to you in the currency that you prefer and the customer would never know that there is another company providing the service.

b. Direct payment: we charge directly the end customer using our brand-neutral company and automated payment infrastructure, and then we pay you once per month sales commissions via Paypal o bank transfer. In this case, we would accept exclusively USD or EUR.
It depends on the payment method you choose (please refer to the previous question for further details). If you want to collect payments from your customers automatically, the only currencies allowed are USD Dollars and Euros.

On the other hand, if you choose the credit method, since you are in charge of billing your customers the way you want, you can have them paying in whichever currency you prefer. Note that Reseller credits are always paid in USD or Euros.
As the platform is entirely branded under your company's name, we do not directly provide assistance to your customers. However, as a Reseller, you will have access to a comprehensive dashboard, helpdesk, tutorials, and documentation to assist your customers. Additionally, we offer a priority channel for Resellers to contact us through our webchat, where we can provide guidance and support to you as needed in helping your clients.
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